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Benefits for Cancer Centres

DIGICORE aims to lead the revolution in digitisation of cancer research in Europe. This has many benefits to all stakeholders from making hard to do but important research faster and easier, while protecting patient privacy. The DIGICORE mission is to make “every willing patient a research patient to unlock cancer cures”.

The digitisation agenda allows researchers at your institution to “do more for less”. Digital research methods make research more efficient and more representative of clinical practice. DIGICORE is a club that gives you collaborators with the same research ambitions as you - to improve patient outcomes over all therapy options and all stages. Our network is intended to be powered for the study of rare subgroups and rare cancers, and it supports both academic and commercial research. We also have the expertise and peer network to help your institution go on the journey to digitisation with the right privacy controls and information governance under GDPR. Learn from peer institutions right at the cutting edge of digital research. Collaborate to secure the funding to integrate your data and make it fit for research. And join the digital cancer research revolution.