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Benefits for Lifesciences

DIGICORE aims to lead the revolution in digitisation of cancer research in Europe. This has many benefits to all stakeholders from making hard to do but important research faster and easier, while protecting patient privacy. The DIGICORE mission is to make “every willing patient a research patient to unlock cancer cures”.

We aim to solve the research problems that others can’t by building a large federated network of linked molecular–clinical data optimised for protocolised cancer research, under hospital control. As well as serving traditional observational studies, we have programmes of work planned in three main areas.

These are
  • Making case matched cohort building efficient and fast with pre-contracted networks with molecular data and strong clinical phenotyping at every clinical decision point. So when you want to understand the natural history and outcomes on a rare subgroup, you can.
  • Developing ethical and compliant multi-centre methods to study the reality of clinical practice, including the elements of natural clinical experimentation that occur at individual treatment decision-making, particularly for patients with unmet needs. Van der Velden et al. have shown that these case series can be enough to secure reimbursement and extend innovative option to new patient groups
  • Transforming the evidence base on large panel tests and novel clinical diagnostics by applying Mendelian randomisation on somatic mutations against standard of care. By improving the evidence base on large panel tests and expanding clinical actionability from the few to the many we help our partners derisk every launch and help patients get broader access to effective innovation and to trials