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Benefits for Patients

DIGICORE aims to lead the revolution in digitisation of cancer research in Europe. This has many benefits to all stakeholders from making hard to do but important research faster and easier, while protecting patient privacy. The DIGICORE mission is to make “every willing patient a research patient to unlock cancer cures”.

DIGICORE’s formal constitution commits it to improving cancer outcomes through real world research activities. Short term DIGICORE will be developing programme of work in real world outcomes research. These use today’s patients’ experience of care and cancer treatment across multiple cancer centres to inform researchers as to the benefits of existing treatment alternatives. Privacy conserving digital research methods allow centres to compare their outcomes without sharing patient level data, and to identify what works best on which patient groups. By identifying areas of best practice, they help improve treatments for those touched by cancer across diagnostics, surgery, radiotherapy and systemic treatments. In the future we aim to democratise trial access and help patient running out of options get better access to medical innovation in all forms – both academic and commercial. We aim to work with patient groups and other stakeholders to make sure we drive appropriate, patient centred research. We take data privacy and protection extremely seriously. Data about patients and their care always remain under the direct control of their hospital teams. Personal data are never sent off site without patient approval. The use of data for research is strictly controlled, by cancer experts and patient representatives. DIGICORE is developing cutting edge research methods to make research more efficient while protecting privacy.