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Benefits for Payers

DIGICORE aims to lead the revolution in digitisation of cancer research in Europe. This has many benefits to all stakeholders from making hard to do but important research faster and easier, while protecting patient privacy. The DIGICORE mission is to make “every willing patient a research patient to unlock cancer cures”.

As the main funders of cancer care, you require information on real-world practice and its outcomes. You know that trials are not the same as the co-morbid and complex real world. But the real world evidence you are presented is heterogeneous and hard to interpret. We believe DIGICORE offers you a real alternative to heterogenous real world data sources through the sourcing and delivery of reliable, comparable and reproducible evidence both in your own care system and comparatively to other care systems. We intend that DIGICORE studies will eventually be seen as synonymous with the highest research standards and excellence in exploring European cancer research questions.