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The ultimate objective of DIGICORE is to improve cancer outcomes in Europe and accelerate innovation through digital research infrastructure development focused on creating high quality, up-to-date real world data including cancer diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes, as well as co-morbidities, and digitally enabled research using that real world data to create real world evidences, to support care quality analysis and clinical trials.

What sorts of science will DIGICORE support?

Real World Evidence
& outcomes research
Use routine EMR to drive outcomes research and advanced real world evidence such as external comparators (control to single arm trials)
Digital precision trial screening
Semi-automate trial screening to make it easier to recruit to trial, especially in precision oncology and so democratise trial access
Biomarker validation and clinical
benefit research
Drive large scale Mendelian randomisation research and decision impact studies on large NGS panels linked to clinical data
Biobanks & Discovery Research
Drive large scale collection of well annotated samples with deep clinical records for discovery and diagnostic development programmes
Pragmatic digital
Ultimately, drive pragmatic platform trials in precision oncology
To download the full description of the DIGICORE Objectives click here.