About us

DIGICORE is a pan-European research network built to accelerate
the implementation of precision oncology
in Europe

DIGICORE promotes and equips cancer centres in their use of routine electronic health records (EHR) and molecular diagnostic information (MDX) for trial automation, real world outcomes research, digital diagnostics and care quality management.

The ultimate goal is to shape a digital research infrastructure based on digital interoperability between its Members. Network membership supports them to improve data quality and completeness, develop new data sources and tools, share digital best practices and promote novel, digitally enabled research methods.

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DIGICORE is set-up as a European Economic Interest Grouping
including several prominent cancer centres, two cancer networks,
UNICANCER and Alleanza Contro il Cancro, and two commercial
partners allied in this challenge


Connect to Win

Connect to Win, DIGICORE’s annual meeting, provides a forum where attendees meet in-person over two days to discuss important issues in cancer care.

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