DIGICORE welcomes collaboration with researchers from academia and industry.
We outline how industrial researchers can engage with DIGICORE and detail our research areas on this page.



Commercial Research Team

Heading this team is Dr. Piers Mahon, a translational research expert and European Data and Evidence Network lead at IQVIA. Piers and his IQVIA team have supported DIGICORE's prototype network, the Oncology Evidence Network. This network's pioneering work encompasses diverse research methods for DIGICORE, specializing in broad cohort research (e.g., natural history, outcomes) and focused studies on multiple molecular subtypes of cancers. This includes both fee-based commercial services and academic research.


Commercial Research Interests


Efficiencies for patient identification in external comparators to accelerate programs and minimize patient matching inefficiencies, especially for large disease franchises.


Establishing ethical, compliant off-label observatories for precision medicines to assess clinical benefits and risks.


Adapting Mendelian randomization methods to study somatic mutations' impact on cancer treatment response using real-world data.


Coordinating biobanks to form extensive multi-center sample cohorts for translational research and diagnostic development.


Validating digital therapeutics and remote patient monitoring through real-world data, addressing confounders like patient motivation bias.


Designing and gaining regulatory acceptance for pragmatic, fully digital platform trials, with a focus on conditions like Cachexia.


Developing cost-effective digital tools suitable for an international network operating at a "regulatory grade", encompassing data models, capture innovation, outcome validation, NLP, and PRO development.

Please note, we do not consider proposals for proprietary or exclusive research networks, in line with our public-private partnership approach.


How to Work with Us

To propose conventional commercial real-world evidence projects to DIGICORE on a fee basis, please contact our Commercial Research Manager, who will guide your request.
For more information: info@digicore-cancer.eu