General Assembly

  • The General Assembly shall be composed of all the Members of the Grouping.
  • The General Assembly shall be validly constituted if the quorum of half plus one of the Members is reached. If this condition is not met, a new General Assembly shall be convened at least twenty (20) and no later than thirty (30) days after the previous General Assembly without any quorum requirement provided that such General Assembly may only decide on the topics included in the agenda provided for the previous General Assembly.
  • Each Member is represented either by its legal representative(s) or by a proxyholder. The proxyholder shall hold a written power of attorney signed by the legal representative(s) and shall be able to prove his identity.
  • The General Assembly may decide on every matter connected to the Grouping's activities and take all decisions in order to achieve the objectives of the Grouping.

DigiCore General Assembly composition