DIGICORE - EEIG Membership Application Instructions and Form

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Each Institution that wishes to apply for Membership in DIGICORE-EEIG must fill-out the DIGICORE Application Form

Prior to filling in this form, the Applicant Institution shall verify that it meets the relevant requirements for membership set forth in the DIGICORE-EEIG Statute , and that it agrees to comply with the rules outlined in the DIGICORE-EEIG Statute.


Submitting procedure

  1. Fill in the form (page 3-4 below) as clear and legible as possible. Once completed, please make a copy of the document and preserve it for your own records. The original signed form must be sent to:

    Claudio Lombardo
    c/o SOS Europe Srl
    Via delle Campanule, 74
    16148 Genova - Italy

  2. Please send an electronic copy of the signed form to info@digicore-cancer.eu along with a copy of the Statute of the cancer centre/institute/organisation/company